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Faucets & Mixers

  1. Bathroom Shower

    Install this Bathroom Shower for achieving unique style in the interiors. Comes with an exposed thermostatic temperature control with safe stop feature, this shower does not have the problem of scalding in it, and hence no hassle of cleaning and maintenance. Owing to the built- in diverter, this shower can be easily switched between hand and head shower. This shower is best known for its sparkling chrome plated solid brass body featuring ceramic disc technology valve.
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  2. Bathroom Water Taps

    We have with us a beautiful range of Bathroom Water Taps for our clients. Beautifully crafted using best quality materials in line with the latest trends, these water taps are easy to install and use. These are the minimalist answer to conventional protruding bath taps. These are cool to touch even with hot running water. Available for clients in a variety of styles and designs to choose from, our collection has unique designs for your individual interior style.
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  3. 2 in 1 Wall Mixer

    The 2 in 1 Wall Mixer showcase its beautiful micron chrome finish. Ideal for beautifying any color and interior setting, this wall mixer is exclusively designed for kitchen sinks and bathroom washbasins. Easy to mount on the wall, these mixers are completed with a swivel spout. Wisely made of 100% brass which resists corrosion, the complete collection is preferred in the sanitary industry. It is sure to add elegance to your décor.
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  4. Bathroom Shower Accessories

    Our exclusive collection of Bathroom Shower Accessories gives your interiors a luxurious and sophisticated touch. Makes the installation of shower and its functioning quite easy and convenient, these accessories are offered in a number of styles and finishes for all types of bathroom settings. These accessories are exclusively hand crafted using supreme quality materials that are completely resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.
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  5. SS Shower

    This exclusive SS Shower is best known for its premium color finish which completely protected from tarnishing and corrosion. This shower is specially designed using rust proof stainless steel for lifetime performance. Designed with a sleek shower arm, our entire range is an excellent example of fine artistic craftsmanship. These showers are specially built with superior scale control systems. Easy to install, it is made with pressure balanced washer less cartridge. We offer these showers to clients in a variety of designs and styles.
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  6. Bathroom Shower Head

    This Bathroom Shower Head is exclusively designed to offer you an excellent showering experience. Includes a bubble spray, saturating spray and massaging spray water flow functions, this shower head is a luxury to have in your bathrooms. Comes in a variety of attractive finishes, this shower offers an incredible water saving option, this proving to be eco friendly. Easy and quick to install, the head of the shower can swivel on the ball joint.
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  7. Hand Held Shower Head

    The Hand Shower Head is integrated with an anti- lime scale system that ensures it easy cleaning. Featuring a strong ABS body, this shower head has multi layer chrome plating for long lasting beauty. It comes with the facility of normal and massages water flow options. Exclusively designed with innovative booster technology, this shower head creates the sensation of a full shower even when the pressure of water is quite less. These showers are offered to clients in a variety of styles to meet their individual aesthetic needs.
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  8. Bathroom SS Taps

    These Bathroom SS Taps are best known for their exclusive and treated bodies that last longer and help maintain water quality. These taps are wisely made of anti- rust stainless steel and intelligently fitted with ceramic discs instead of conventional washers. This guarantees excellent durability and no-drip water efficiency. Comes in the collection of luxury bath fitting, the tapes are considered as the perfect solution for redefining your bathroom in a simple and easy way.
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  9. Square Shower Arm

    Enjoy in a luxurious bathroom by adding our unique Square Shower Arm featuring exclusive multi layer chrome plating. It comes in a sleek & slim design and assures complete protection against corrosion. Integrated with an advanced air energy technology, it gives you a consistent powerful rain shower even under low water pressure. Precisely finished for a perfect scratch and tarnish-resistant surface, this shower has anti- lime system which removes deposited limescale with a simple wipe of a finger.
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  10. 2 in 1 Sink Mixer

    The 2 in 1 Sink Mixer has an ergonomically designed knob which is easy to grip and use. This mixer is highly suitable for use with all kinds of kitchen sinks. Efficiently mix the hot and cold water in a matter of seconds, our complete collection is designed with a long braided hose for easy workability. Comes in an exclusive collection of luxury kitchen fitting, this sink mixer is equally functional and crafted of high quality stainless steel with multi layer chrome plating.
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  11. Water Taps

    We present a modern collection of Water Taps that is rapidly replacing the conventional fittings in the homes. Offers smooth and easy operation, these taps have artistic styles and come in a variety of attractive hoses. This tap is specially designed for water to fall just in the centre of the basin. It comes with a honey comb aerator for silky smooth water flow. These taps also completely eliminate the water drop problem, thus posing an eco- friendly option in the sanitary industry.
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  12. Pillar Cock Tap

    Comes in an attractive, slim and compact design, this Pillar Cock is completely leak proof in design. This cock is specially designed using superior quality materials to stay cool to touch even when running hot water. Comes in a variety of styles and designs to choose from, these are coated with chrome plating for a long lasting sheen. Easy to install and use, it is completely protected from tarnishing and oxidation.
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  13. SS Bathroom Faucets

    These SS Bathroom Faucets are coated with chrome plating for long lasting sheen. These faucets are known to resist tarnishing and corrosion remarkably, thus last for long. Showcase an excellent example of fine artistic craftsmanship; these bathroom faucets have sleek shower arms. Wisely designed using best quality stainless steel for lifetime performance, it has superior scale control systems installed. Easy to install, it also includes pressure balanced washer-less cartridge.
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  14. Wall Mounted Mixer

    An excellent quality of Wall Mounted Mixer is specially designed for continuous flow. Highly suitable for hot and cold water, this fitting mixes water with air, which makes the droplets plumper, lighter and softer. Sure to provide efficient use of water, it is easy to mount on the wall. We offer a wide range of designs in these mixers to compliment a variety of bathroom and kitchen styles. Our complete collection is ideal for modern bathrooms and kitchens.
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  15. Shower Mixer Taps

    The Shower Mixer Taps are highly acclaimed for their exclusive and treated brass bodies. Lasts for long time, these taps help maintain excellent water quality. Intelligently fitted with ceramic discs instead of conventional washers, these taps have excellent durability and no-drip water efficiency. These luxury bath fitting are the perfect solution for transforming your bath space in a simple and easy way. These mixer taps are offered to clients at competitive prices.
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  16. Bathroom Pillar Taps

    Perfect for confined and small shower & bath enclosures, these Bathroom Pillar Taps have sparkling long lasting chrome plating. The taps have leak proof designs and easy to mount on the wall. Highly resistant to tarnishing and oxidation, these pillar taps are offered to clients in a variety of styles and finishes to meet all your aesthetic needs. These pillar taps are exclusive and beautiful in designs.
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  17. Bathroom Sink Mixer Tap

    This Bathroom Sink Mixer Tap intelligently creates a sculptural look. Quite easy to use, these taps come with separate controls and a central mixer spout. It is specially designed to achieve a more precise water temperature by mixing both hot and cold water. These mixer taps are offered to clients in a wide variety of beautiful styles to compliment all types of bathrooms. Comes with a simple to use metal lever, it features a long spout for easy usage.
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  18. Bathroom Hardware Accessories

    Our wide range of Bathroom Hardware Accessories gives your modern interiors a highly sophisticated and luxurious touch. Suitable for any types of bathroom space, these hardware accessories are available in all standard dimensions for meeting all your needs. Available in varied finishes for all your aesthetic needs, these accessories make the installation of fittings easy and quick. These accessories are offered to clients at reasonable prices.
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